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Sometimes the biggest disaster you have is a need to clean! ServiceMaster Advantage comes to the rescue for special cleaning needs from stained carpets to construction clean up. Dirty duct work can add to allergies; we can get them clean. Visitors coming? We’re known for our excellent carpet and upholstery cleaning! That construction dust that settles on everything – we can make it disappear.

Our industrial strength cleaners make dirty tile and grout sparkle. Of course, as disaster restoration specialists, post-fire clean up is just another day at the office. Experience the advantage of ServiceMaster Advantage for your deep cleaning needs.

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Carpet and Floor Cleaning

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Carpet Stains

Don’t be fooled by a “one-size-fits-all” stain removal philosophy. The skilled, certified technicians at ServiceMaster Advantage know the difference in treating coffee and wine, pet stains and mud. Our professional technique treats spots and removes all dirt, soap, and water, leaving your carpets cleaner, longer. And furniture moving is complimentary!

Wood Floors

They’re beautiful when clean, but wood floors can be hard work. ServiceMaster Advantage knows that the first step to attractive floors is evaluating our current condition. Too much agitation can ruin beautiful wood. Our skilled team removes scuff marks and scratches, tailoring our cleaning and polishing to your floors’ needs.

Tile/ Grout

Every situation is different. The ServiceMaster Advantage experts evaluate the condition and cause of tile and grout stains. Our techniques remove dirt and mildew, lessen most discoloration, and improve the look of your grout. If the job needs excessive intervention, our trusted resources can complete the work for total restoration!


Everyday living can be rough on furniture – especially with children or pets. Dirt, stains, and natural oils can soil otherwise nice furniture. Cleaning techniques vary with stains and fabrics. ServiceMaster Advantage evaluates each situation to ensure safe, thorough cleaning. Our expertise protects and restores your furniture to its original beauty.

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