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Reduce your customers’ wait times and lower the cost of claims. When you refer your customers to our toll-free number, 888-364-1188, they receive quick disaster recovery response in their time of need. We work to get claims processed within hours instead of days. This lowers the cost of claims and provides customers with expert service, fast.

Peace of Mind

We don’t keep normal business hours – we keep all hours! Disaster can strike at any time, and customers suffering from fires or floods cannot afford to wait until 9 AM the next day for help. ServiceMaster Advantage guarantees answering calls to 888-364-1188 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our network of providers will begin emergency services on-site within two to four hours.

Remote Monitoring

Insurance providers benefit from greater efficiency with our nationwide system. ServiceMaster Advantage’s remote monitoring program delivers consistent data-reporting as well as reliable, real-time data to insurance providers. Put simply, remote monitoring is the next step in the evolution of the science of drying. Consider some of these pre-approved mitigation services provided through insurance company vendor programs:


Insurance Continuing Education Classes

ServiceMaster Advantage has insurance company vendor programs with more than 20 leading insurance companies. Live, local, Professional Insurance Continuing Education Events presented by Insurance Career Training, Inc.

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What insurance agents are saying:

Very convenient, Excellent Instructor, Friendly Atmosphere, Good Food provided Plus Goodies, Very fun day!

As long as you keep having them I’m gonna keep coming… The Best Around… Keep doing what you’re cause it works!

You’re local-no more traveling for training! Great lunch included! Pricing! You can’t beat the price. Entertaining instructor!

Fire Loss

  • Loss site inspection and evaluation
  • Emergency pre-cleaning (fire mitigation is limited to the pre-cleaning treatment of “at risk” surfaces such as metal, marble or any surface at risk of being etched from the corrosive gasses from the fire)
  • If water is present, pre-authorized water procedures are accomplished
  • Findings reported to the adjuster to determine what else may need to be done (pack-out service and/or contents cleaning)

Water Loss

  • Loss site inspection and evaluation
  • Water damage mitigation including extraction services
  • Initiate the drying process
  • Lift/remove wet or damaged carpet
  • Dispose of wet carpet padding
  • Use of air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Move and inspect furniture to facilitate drying of carpet and structure
  • Handle mold in areas of up to 10 square feet

Upcoming Classes At ServiceMaster Advantage

Register for insurance continuing education classes at our Lafayette location.